$20 Million Spent in NJ for Verizon’s Green Energy Plan

Verizon implemented a $100 million plan to invest in solar and fuel cell technology for green energy and Verizon Chief Sustainability Officer James Gowen told NJTV News Managing Editor Mike Schneider that $20 million has gone into the center in Basking Ridge.

At the Basking Ridge office, fuel cells and solar panels have been deployed that generate more than two megawatts of green energy, Gowen said.

Gowen said that the panels will generate more than 66 percent of the power used in the office.

Locally in New Jersey, Verizon partnered with the Board of Public Utilities for the fuel cells and worked with incentive rebates for solar, according to Gowen.

Gowen said that at different points during the year, the solar panels have varying degrees of ability to generate power. He said that the state of New Jersey has been one of the best to install the solar panels.

“Here at Verizon, we drive shareholder value first. We look for opportunities to partner where we can and we try to bring powerful answers that generate solutions on site to Verizon and all of our customers,” Gowen said.