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April 8, 2019

The need for a more diverse faculty at Rutgers University is a big issue for current teachers at the institution. Rutgers president Robert Barchi has just announced a boost in funding for that goal, with $20 million added to Rutgers’ Faculty Diversity Hiring Initiative. The money will extend an existing $22 million program that was set to expire in July 2021; that program is for new hires as well as providing “funds to support mentoring and retention activities,” said Barchi in a letter announcing the $20 million infusion. He said the extra money will enable schools and departments to do more hiring in the 2019-2020 academic year and assist “in attracting and retaining a world-class faculty that embodies our dedication to diversity and inclusion.”

The Rutgers president noted that, “Since its inception in the fall of 2016, seventy-nine faculty have been hired through this salary support program, in addition to other diverse faculty whose salaries are supported by departments and schools.”

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