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Poll: Do You Support Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in New Jersey?

State lawmakers are expected to vote on whether to legalize marijuana as early as next week. Where do you stand on the landmark bill?

The New Jersey Legislature is set to vote on whether to legalize marijuana next week. The process has been rushed through, but finally an actual written document is available. Yesterday, we published a detailed explanation of what the bill contains.

What do you really think about the marijuana proposal?

  • I’m all for it. The bill seems carefully written and I believe this will help the economy, the state budget and help to counter racial injustice. Let’s stop talking and get moving.

  • I support the bill, but I’m steamed that it doesn’t contain a provision for homegrown plants. Once again in New Jersey, it seems to be all about the revenue.

  • It’s about time. The war on drugs has been a big failure. We’ve wasted billions of dollars and millions of lives on it and it’s simply the right thing to do for racial justice.

  • I don’t support this because the science is still out. I’m very wary of how continued use will affect our schools, our kids and traffic. Why can’t we study how it’s impacting other states for a while longer before we jump in with both feet?

  • I’m against drugs, period. It’s going to lead to more driving while intoxicated, use of more other drugs like opioids and recent stories have said overuse can lead to serious mental health issues. Why is this even under discussion when there is no compelling need to do it?

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