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Poll: Is Marijuana Measure Good to Go or Does It Need To Be Tweaked?

Now that we’ve all had a good laugh about the joint committee on marijuana legalization, we want to know what you think is right — or wrong — with the legislation

With a vote on marijuana legalization set to be heard as early as December 17, recreational adult-use cannabis could become a reality in New Jersey sooner rather than later.

If it passes, the state could be the first in the nation to legalize, regulate, tax, and deal with criminal-record expungements through legislation rather than a ballot initiative.

But even as the bill passed committees in both houses earlier this week, few seem completely sold on the measure as written, and fewer seem to have read it in its entirety. And even at more than 150 pages, it still did not address many of the concerns raised during the public hearing.

A great deal of politicking is expected to occur behind the scenes, and the bill is bound to be amended before a final vote.

What issue should legislators give more consideration before final passage?

  • Nothing. It’s beyond time to legalize marijuana. The bill addresses all the possible issues fairly.

  • What we have is a good start, but it needs financial revision. If the purpose is to make money for the state, we should work on a better tax rate and more funds for municipalities, as well as making sure plenty of dispensaries can open and finding other ways to maximize the windfall for New Jersey. It also sounds as if lawmakers want to set up another bureaucracy to manage legal cannabis. This could end up costing New Jersey, which is the last thing we need.

  • Officials claim they want this bill for social-justice reasons. I just don’t see it. The expungement section is far too limited; bias in policing will still lead to higher arrests of people of color; cost of entry is too high for minority communities to participate; and the black market will still be a go-to source for many. Even the African-American community is divided on this issue.

  • I’m not convinced the bill goes far enough in addressing the issues of secondhand smoke, driving while intoxicated, and increased possibility of cannabis-use disorder or addiction. Corporations seeking to make money will use advertising to target our youth, and the bill’s advertising limitations are not strict enough. We need more discussion on these issues.

  • I’m against the whole idea of legalization.

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