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After Weekend of Floods, State of Emergency in Five New Jersey Counties

Torrential rainfall and rising river washes more than 40 SUVs from local car dealership

little falls flooding
Credit: Via YouTube
Flooding in Little Falls washed more than 40 SUVs from a dealer's lot.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency in five counties Tuesday, following a weekend of torrential rains that left some towns with more rainfall than was expected in the entire month of August.  

"The last time [we] saw this type of flooding was Hurricane Floyd back in 1999," Little Falls Mayor James Damiano told the press in a conference call.

About five inches of rain in 50 minutes overflowed the Peckman River, a tributary of the Passaic. Fallen trees, mud, debris, and 42 SUVs that washed away from a car dealership also dammed the river, exacerbating flooding in neighboring Woodland Park.  

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