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March 20, 2018

It can’t compete with Alaska’s Dalton Highway, which is both the quietest road in the United States and offers astonishing scenery and the possibility of spotting a polar bear, or Maine’s Old Canada Road, as it winds its way through historic towns and villages and incandescent fall foliage, but New Jersey’s own Route 49 has been determined to be the quietest road in the state.

The determination was made by Geotab and posted, appropriately enough, to the company’s America’s Quietest Routes website.

To find the quietest roads in each state, Geotab gathered the latest available (2015) traffic count data from the Highway Performance Monitoring System. Quietness was calculated as the annual average daily traffic (AADT, measured in number of vehicles). Routes with the lowest AADT in each state were deemed the quietest.

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