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Exploring the History of Property Taxes in New Jersey

From the mid-1970s to yesterday’s gubernatorial debate, property taxes have bedeviled New Jersey pols and their constituents

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Credit: Ali Eminov/flickr

There’s nothing new about the problem of high property taxes in New Jersey: It came into its own as an issue some 40 years ago, in the mid-1970s. That’s when some politicians floated the idea of using property taxes in the suburbs to help support New Jersey’s cities. It didn’t happen, but ever since Garden State pols have struggled to reduce property taxes with a variety of schemes, ranging from consolidation (also didn’t happen) to tax caps, which most decidedly did.

Listen in as Rutgers University professor Dr. Ray Caprio, and Marc Pfeiffer, assistant director of Bloustein Local Government Research, take WNYC’s Brian Lehrer through the political history of New Jersey housing and property taxes.

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