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Poll: Just How Hellish Has Your Summer Commute Been?

According to some sources, the ‘Summer of Hell’ hasn’t lived up to its bad press. Do you agree, or have you been burned by your commute?

New Jersey commuters have started experiencing what’s being called the “Summer of Hell,” as they try to get to their jobs in New York in a reasonable amount of time. Amtrak is undertaking major rail repairs at New York Penn Station this year, after months-long problems with accidents and derailments this spring. As a result, NJ Transit and private transportation systems have reconfigured some of their routes and deployed additional buses and taxis to avoid as many delays as possible.

How well do you think New Jersey transportation officials are handling things this summer?

  • They are doing as best they can. It hasn’t been nearly as bad as I expected, and I’m just hoping the repairs get done on time so it will soon be over.

  • They say they’ve tried to limit the problems to one or two rail lines, but it seems to me everything is continually delayed and the problem is all over. Regardless of where you’re traveling, you can never tell what’s going to be in store for you each day.

  • My commute has been totally upended. Rerouted lines and train cancellations are a nightmare. Those who say the problem isn’t that bad are just spouting self-serving nonsense.

  • I’ve convinced my company to let me work at home frequently, so I’ve avoided the worst of it. But I dread any day I must get into New York for an early meeting.

  • I don’t commute into New York, so I can’t say what it’s been like. But I’m angry too — at politicians who have left our infrastructure in such poor shape. Our transportation network is our economic lifeline and shame on those who have let it decay.

  • I really think this is a subject that gets far too much attention. Most people work here in New Jersey and that’s where most of our focus should be.

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