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Poll: Have You Got a Favorite Candidate for Governor?

Common wisdom holds that it’s a long way to November, but that doesn’t stop people from starting to sort out the candidates

With the primary over, the race for New Jersey governor has begun in earnest.

In addition to Democrat Phil Murphy, the former Goldman Sachs executive, and Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, five other candidates will be on the ballot, and at least a couple of them have made headlines. Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale of the Green Party has been very involved in refugee resettlement and trying to prevent immigrant deportations. Gina Genovese, running on the slogan “Reduce Property Taxes,” is the former mayor of Long Hill and founder and former head of the group Courage to Connect that is working for municipal consolidation. Also on the ballot are Matthew Riccardi of the Constitution Party, Libertarian Peter Rohrman and Vincent Ross running under the banner “We the People.”

With five months to go until the general election, have you made a choice yet?

  • I’m with Murphy. He has a well-developed plan to make the state better in all ways and for all people.

  • I’m for Guadagno. She has a plan to lower property taxes.

  • I’m going independent. We need a change and there are some good choices outside the main parties.

  • I’m still undecided, but anyone is better than Gov. Chris Christie. He has made such a mess of the state, we can’t get him out of office soon enough.

  • It’s too early to be thinking about this election.

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