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Poll: ACA Replacement Bill — Good Move or Step in Wrong Direction?

Can repeal and replace really take care of America’s myriad medical needs?

After much anticipation, Republicans in Congress unveiled their plan to replace Obamacare. Their take on the subject delivers some of the same insurance protections, but eliminates the controversial insurance mandate, changes how the government helps low-income workers, and drastically reforms how federal dollars are spent on Medicaid. Democrats wasted no time in saying the proposal would help wealthier Americans at the expense of the poor, and leave states struggling to cover additional costs. Small business groups worried about the impact on members, and healthcare providers said it could leave millions of patients without coverage.

What do you think of the GOP’s American Health Care Act?

  • It’s about time we ended Obamacare, and this bill is a great step toward that goal. It does away with the mandate forcing Americans to purchase insurance, regardless of their health needs, and removes many of the ACA’s regulatory burdens that added to the cost of healthcare. We need to let the free market work.

  • The HCA is really “Obamacare-lite,” so what’s the big deal? It seems to offer a compromise on Medicaid, trades subsidies for tax credits, and maintains some of the insurance protections crafted under the ACA. The Democrats should work with the Republicans on getting it closer to their liking.

  • The bill isn’t great, but it does retain a couple of things I really care about: pre-existing conditions and keeping kids on your health plan until they are 26. I don’t see why we have to repeal Obamacare; we should just plug the holes in the original bill and move on. But it could be a lot worse.

  • I’m very disturbed by this new plan. I don’t see how it will curtail prices, and it just shifts costs to the poor and rewards insurance companies. Still, earlier versions that were leaked to the press were a lot worse. I still oppose it, but my worst fears weren’t realized.

  • It’s a debacle that will roll back many of the gains New Jersey saw under the ACA, including expanding insurance to some 800,000 more residents — tens of thousands of whom may now lose that coverage. Block grants will just make it easier to cut back funding, and New Jersey is certain to lose out. How can we afford this? The answer is we can’t. I oppose the repeal entirely.

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