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Poll: Christie’s State of the State — Too Long for One Topic?

Opioid addiction is threatening New Jersey, but should the governor have touched on other subjects in his hour-plus speech?

It may be counterintuitive to call a speech that lasts more than an hour “focused,” but Gov. Chris Christie seems to have done just that. His State of the State — the last he will deliver — ran some 70 minutes on the clock and basically covered one topic, the need to battle the scourge of opioid addiction that is punishing New Jersey. The governor introduced a number of plans and programs. Probably the two most ambitious are mandating health insurance coverage for six months (including inpatient treatment) for substance-abuse problems and restricting opioid prescriptions to five days worth of medication. (Ironically, those two promises may be the most difficult to deliver.)

But what about the speech itself? Is Christie ringing the changes on a single note or giving a deadly health disaster its due?

What do you make of it?

  • Who can criticize Christie on this subject? He’s absolutely right to focus on this deadly problem because it is impacting so many New Jerseyans. I can’t believe even his adversaries, the Democrats, would disagree.

  • I support Christie on this one, but I think there are other problems that need to be addressed. Still, I doubt we’re going to make much progress on them in Christie’s last year in office. So I’m fine with the goals he outlined.

  • This was simply Christie trying to find a subject that wouldn’t be too controversial and that he honestly believes in. It’s also a signal that he isn’t going to try to ram something through in his last year in office. We should all breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Christie was just trying to divert attention from his more outlandish goals — like his so-called Fairness Formula that would give school districts the same state aid per child regardless of need. We have so many issues in this state that need attention, but Christie has obviously opted out of trying to solve them. On to 2018!

  • I take issue with his speech. For one thing, addiction has been a huge issue in this state for a long time. But it doesn’t grab the attention of politicians until it affects white, suburban New Jersey. For another, we have other equally pressing issues. Our economic future really looks bleak. We have an incredible debt that must be repaid. The infrastructure is crumbling. Taxes are through the roof. And now the education system is facing major financial pressure. Let’s elect a governor this year who really wants to tackle these problems.

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