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November 23, 2016

What is Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce? Well, some would say, “Just fine,” but the more traditionally minded wouldn’t think of having Thanksgiving dinner without a cranberry compote gracing the table.

Chances are good that those cranberries come from New Jersey; the state is the third-largest producer of the tart fruit. Wisconsin, actually, is by far the largest grower of cranberries, expected to produce 5.2 million barrels of them this year. Massachusetts is the second-largest producer, with 2 million barrels expected.

This year’s forecast calls for New Jersey to produce 588,000 barrels of cranberries from 3,000 acres of land. Oregon, with a forecast of 530,000 barrels and Washington with 194,000 barrels round out the top five. Most states are experiencing a drought and the forecasts are for fewer cranberries than in previous years.

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