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Poll: With Trump Headed for White House, How Will It Affect NJ?

Have you had a chance to think through some of the ways the president-elect will leave his mark on the Garden State?

No one would disagree that the election of Donald Trump to the presidency took most New Jerseyans by surprise — Hilary Clinton won the state by a margin of about 30 percent. Now that a week has passed and you’ve had time to reflect …

How do you think Trump will impact us here in blue New Jersey?

  • Things will get better. He’s promised some commonsense improvements, like major infrastructure investments, a reduction in regulations, and an improved trade climate. We’ll also see less gridlock, with the GOP running all branches of the government. I see no reason to panic.

  • Not too much. Many of the issues the GOP cares most about — like restrictions on abortion and changes to the healthcare system — will revert to the states. And with our Democratic Legislature and possibly a new Democratic governor, we should have a bit of a buffer from the biggest upheavals that may occur around the country.

  • I’m not worried personally, but I do worry about the many immigrants in this state, both documented and undocumented. We’re going to see families split apart and an atmosphere of constant fear in our cities. We’re also going to have to do battle with the federal government over funding. We’re in for a difficult time as a community.

  • Whether or not you live in a blue state doesn’t matter. A new Supreme Court can curtail women’s rights, LBGTQ rights, or press freedoms. Trump’s avowed positions are likely to reverse progress on climate change, rattle the economy, or make the world more dangerous. New Jersey protections will offer little comfort.

  • We’ve already been impacted. Trump’s election has unleashed deep-seated racism and misogyny that people now feel free to give voice to. I know of children who are unsettled about what they are hearing in school. And we have protests on campuses and the streets. I don’t see it getting any easier after Trump takes office.

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