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Poll: Are You Concerned that NJ’s Elections Will Not Be Honest?

There’s been no shortage of talk about the elections being ‘stolen.’ Do you that’s a valid concern in the Garden State?

Donald Trump and many of his followers have been warning of a possible “rigged” vote in next week’s presidential election, and some recent polls have shown citizens voicing concerns that this election will not be fair and above board. Thus, election officials and advocacy groups are planning to be particularly watchful of polling places next week to try and ensure an honest election.

Do you think the vote could be tampered with in New Jersey?

  • Yes, there are plenty of ways to tilt the system. We need to pull out all the stops to make sure polling places are safe, equipment is functioning properly, and officials are available to address any problems as they occur. And even then, that doesn’t address people voting twice or miscounting.

  • Maybe. No one would claim this voting system is perfect. But in general, irregularities are a small fraction of overall voting.

  • No, we’ve never had widespread accusations of voter fraud in this state and I don’t see a reason for them now. We have a system with protections and oversight that should make us feel secure about the integrity of our votes.

  • This is a nonissue — a red herring for a candidate who is afraid he is going to lose.

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