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Poll: Waiting to Inhale — Is NJ Ready for Recreational Marijuana?

A delegation of NJ legislators will report today on its fact-finding trip to Colorado, where pot is legal. Is the Garden State moving in the same direction?

New Jersey advocates and officials have been slowly taking steps toward making recreational marijuana use legal in the Garden State. A recent Gallup poll shows that 60 percent of American adults nationally now say that marijuana should be legal, the highest level of support in the past half-century. Gov. Chris Christie, however, has vowed that any expansion of marijuana use will not happen on his watch. Lawmakers are looking to be ready once a new governor is in office, and plan to put the issue on a ballot.

Today, a delegation of New Jersey lawmakers will hold a press conference to discuss a recent fact-finding trip they made to Colorado to see how its experiment is going. The group consists of both Democrats and Republicans.

Without having the details to make an informed decision …

What is your general view on the subject?

  • Marijuana use should not be expanded whatsoever. Christie has made sure the ability to obtain it for medical use is very stringently controlled, and I agree with him. Marijuana is a gateway drug and should be limited to medical issues that cannot be solved in other ways.

  • I’m really uncomfortable with the idea, just because I don’t think getting high — whether through alcohol or drugs — is something we should promote. Nevertheless, I do support decriminalization.

  • I’d like to hear the experiences of other states that have gone ahead and made it legal. These are great test cases that should be evaluated before any further discussion.

  • I’m in general agreement. There is no reason for law enforcement to waste time on this, and we find a new source of revenue with taxes, which would be a good thing. But I’m a bit concerned about the message it sends.

  • What, are you kidding? Legalization of marijuana is way overdue. I can’t wait.

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