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Poll: Do You Expect Any Surprises to Come Out of the Bridgegate Trial?

The massive traffic tie-up has been under the media microscope for a long time. Is there anything left to learn?

The Bridgegate jury has been selected and seated, with seven women and five men expecting to spend about six weeks listening to testimony and deciding whether two aides to Gov. Chris Christie were responsible for a massive traffic jam at the George Washington Bridge in 2013. After all the noise and media attention …

do you think New Jerseyans will learn anything new about the incident?

  • No. If what you’re asking is whether Christie had anything to do with this and will it come out in the trial, my answer is no. Christie was cleared internally and even U.S. District Attorney for New Jersey Paul Fishman chose not to indict him. What more is there to say?

  • Maybe. Lots of things came out after the indictment that are highly suspicious — such as Christie’s lost emails and his missing mobile phone. There could be a smoking gun out there and I’m just looking forward to learning who it points to.

  • Maybe. It’s obvious others were involved. Just learning about the unnamed “list of co-conspirators” makes it clear that Bridget Kelly and David Wildstein didn’t cook up the scheme all by themselves. The big question is whether their testimony will be enough for more indictments.

  • Yes. Christie’s story has never been consistent and he has at least one defendant pointing the finger at him. You don’t shut down the busiest bridge in the country without some serious high-end approval. I am expecting someone will call him to testify, which should be interesting. Regardless, more information will come out and I think it will all be about our governor.

  • I don’t know and I don’t care. Christie may have been involved and it was a terrible thing to do. But there has been too much money and too much attention spent on this issue. He’s leaving office shortly — maybe even by January if Trump wins. So we need to move on and focus on real problems.

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