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Poll: Did Surprising Voter Turnout Add up to Any Other Primary Surprises?

Given the number of folks who showed up at the polls, the primary elections were hardly nail-biters

New Jersey’s 2016 primary contests drew a huge voter turnout judged by previous standards, but delivered somewhat uneventful results. Congressional incumbents of both parties won their races, and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the prospective presidential nominees, easily coasted to victory.

What, if anything, surprised you about the results?

  • Nothing. What congressional incumbent ever loses their party’s nomination? Clinton and Trump were predicted to be winners. Apparently, those who claim to want new blood don’t live in New Jersey.

  • No surprises at all. Although this was just the primary, I’ll be shocked the result is any different in November. Gerrymandering has become an art form in New Jersey, so we won’t see an upset.

  • Yes, I was surprised that Clinton won by such a big margin. The race was originally supposed to be tight here -- and even late polls didn’t foresee her winning by such a high rate. It makes me think that New Jersey doesn’t have enough millennials or white men.

  • The one race I thought was interesting was the 3rd District between Keady and LaVergne. I thought Keady had made a name for himself among Sandy victims and having gone toe to toe with Christie, I thought he’d do better. But the Democratic organization was behind LaVergne and that’s what counts in the Garden State.

  • Yes, the turnout was shocking. People are clearly energized. A bigger turnout than Obama had? Bigger than 2000? That’s something. When was the last time New Jersey had more than half the eligible voters go to the polls

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