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Poll: Should Christie Raid Clean Energy Fund (Again) to Help Solve Latest Shortfall?

The governor has hit up the fund for more than $1.3 billion over past seven years. What’s another $20 million?

This week we learned that the state has yet another shortfall, just weeks before the fiscal year ends. One part of the solution? Take more money from the state’s Clean Energy Fund. In the past seven years, this fund has been raided for more than $1.3 billion. The fund is fueled by the societal benefits charge that all gas and electric customers pay. It is earmarked for programs that reduce energy use and promote renewables.

What do you think about this practice?

  • No fund is sacrosanct. When the state has financial problems, the budget must be cut. The governor has the right to determine what goes in line with his priorities. That’s why he was elected governor.

  • Unfortunately, clean energy just doesn’t reach the immediate priority -- or the mandates -- that pensions, our health system, our education system, and municipal aid do. If we need to cut something in order to avoid raising taxes, I’m okay with it being clean-energy programs.

  • I understand the fix the state is in but one thing we have to stop being is short-sighted. We have our own clean-energy goals to meet and now the federal government is asking us to be even more aggressive. Nickel and diming the clean energy fund will just put us further behind when the time comes to meet our targets. Not to mention the fact that the future of the planet depends on it.

  • Christie loves to say he hasn’t raised taxes but the fact is, he has. Every fee in the state has either been raised or raided in order for him to claim he’s keeping taxes down. In the meantime, our credit keeps getting downgraded; he breaks his own promises and laws; and he is more interested in a personal political agenda than doing what’s right for the state. Enough already!

  • We should have a countdown clock for the remaining time Christie’s in office. He’s been a disaster -- short-sighted with policies that are out of step with New Jersey. Nobody wants higher taxes, but we all know there are better and more honest ways to solve these problems. One idea is to stop giving big tax breaks to businesses and cronies. He’s going to leave this state in tatters.

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