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Poll: Does Trump’s ‘Triumph’ Mean Christie’s Battered Star Is in the Ascendant?

What’s the chance that ‘The Donald’ will tap Christie as his running mate, and is that what the governor has his eyes on?

Donald Trump stands alone. Now that his last two competitors, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, have dropped out of the race to be the GOP presidential nominee, Trump can turn his attention to other things. One key decision he has to make in the next month or so is who to choose as his running mate.

Do you think he’ll pick his first supporter from the Republican elite, Chris Christie?

  • Yes. Who else would be better than Christie, who would put his reputation on the line and forever be tied to Trump? Christie has already thrown his lot in with Trump and would be quite a successful attack dog, allowing Trump to pivot toward being more palatable to the general voter.

  • Possibly. Christie doesn’t meet the traditional qualifications of a running mate -- bringing balance and votes to the ticket. If anything, he is a negative in New Jersey and comes from the same part of the country as “The Donald.” Then again, Trump has already torn up the playbook and this would just be another example.

  • Possibly. But I don’t think that’s what Christie is interested in. He probably wants to be U.S. attorney general. That would give him a great deal of power and notoriety, without forever tying himself to Trump.

  • No. People are already whispering that this is why John Kasich dropped out of the race so suddenly. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he become the running mate.

  • No. Trump is unpredictable but he’s not stupid. He needs someone that not only offers geographic balance but also provides gravitas or gender balance. He’s going to have a tough time finding someone that meets those qualifications though.

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