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Poll: Does PARCC Glitch Mean It’s Time to Take Another Look at Online Test?

A server problem KO’d PARCC testing for a day, but does the offline exam indicate a more serious issue?

The state’s new online PARCC tests were suspended yesterday in many New Jersey school districts, after officials said an unspecified glitch in the server run by the outside vendor Pearson Education prevented schools from logging in to the tests.

There was plenty of finger-pointing as to what went wrong and what’s next. Pearson and state officials last night vowed the system would be up and running today.

But the problem raises the question as to whether the state should be relying on an online exam to determine school, teacher, and student performance.

What’s your take on the issue?

  • Online testing is the new reality, not just PARCC exams but any number of assessments that both students and adults will face. Get used to it.

  • Online testing is not going away, but the state should tread lightly when it comes to basing too much on it until both students and schools get used to it.

  • This is a whole new situation for schools, especially those where technology has been used more sparingly. The state should put everything on hold for a few years before relying on the exams.

  • Parents should be worried that computers are determining how their kids fare -- potentially deciding whether a student is ready to graduate from high school. Let’s go back to individual teachers evaluating individual students.

  • The new PARCC testing is just another example of how corporate interests have overwhelmed the public good, with New Jersey relying on outside companies -- at a hefty price -- to administer and score the tests.

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