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Poll: Should the Biggest Companies Get the Biggest Share of Subsidies?

Small-business owners say they’re being shortchanged when it comes to tax credits and other incentives

New Jersey’s use of tax credits and subsidies to spur businesses in the Garden State -- and lure others to locate here -- has long been a point of debate, and the small-business community entered the fray this week.

A coalition of small-business owners spoke before the state Economic Development Authority, complaining that the multibillion dollar program has done far more to help big companies than small ones.

Do you think the program has lived up to its billing to help the economy for all sectors?

  • The tax credit and subsidy program -- topping $6 billion since 2010 -- has definitely helped the state recover from the 2008 financial crisis, and the proof is in the businesses staying in state and jobs continuing to be created.

  • The program has clearly helped big corporations like Panasonic and Honeywell the most, but they are also the biggest employers. It’s where the money should go.

  • The program is a bit too big, and small-business owners -- and other critics -- are correct that the state should hit the pause button and conduct a mandated study of its economic impact.

  • This is a boondoggle that has only benefited big businesses that weren’t likely to leave the state anyway. That money should be going to the countless other far-more-pressing needs facing the state, from education to transportation.

  • The state shouldn’t have any incentives; it only distorts the tax structure. Instead, we should streamline the tax code. That would accomplish the same goals of luring and keeping businesses.

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