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Poll: The Recession is Over? Is Christie onto Something or on Something?

New Jersey’s unemployment rate is at 4.3 percent -- does that mean happy days are here again?

This week, Gov. Chris Christie told an audience in Parsippany that New Jersey has fully recovered from the recession now that the unemployment rate is down to 4.3 percent -- 0.6 percent under the national rate. For several years after the recession, New Jersey had been lagging behind the country when it came to unemployment.

What do you think? Has New Jersey finally fully recovered?

  • Yes. The numbers are hard to argue with and why should we? You can’t get much better than a 4.3 percent unemployment rate.

  • Yes. But it still doesn’t feel all that great. The statistics say we have recovered, but money still seems to be tight. Still, it’s a big relief to be moving in the right direction -- finally.

  • Maybe. Unemployment rates are only one measure of a good economy. It’s going to take forever to recoup all the equity we lost in the markets and in our homes during the Great Recession. That has a big impact on lifestyle and security. Plus, we lagged the rest of the country in regaining jobs by two years. It may be that it will take some time for us to really feel better about things. On the other hand, there may be continued struggles ahead.

  • No. Unemployment and job statistics only look at jobs in quantity, not quality. I don’t know many people making the same income they did before the recession, and some make a good deal less. Plus, home prices are still below what they were 10 years ago and that reduces mobility. The reason we don’t feel like the economy has recovered is because it hasn’t.

  • No. What planet is Christie on? A statement like that just underscores the bubble he and the other top income earners live in. Unemployment might be down but so are incomes, housing prices, and discretionary spending. He needs to talk to some real middle-income people to find out how hard they struggle. We have to address income inequality and fast -- or there will be a revolution in this country if it hasn’t already started.

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