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Poll: School Aid or School Dazed — How’s Gov. Christie Doing Thus Far?

The administration wants to give a few districts big bucks, but funding for most will stay nearly flat

The Christie administration this week announced its district-by-district school aid allotments for next year, with overall aid increasing 1 percent or about $94 million. The breakdowns are here.

School aid is close to a third of the state’s budget, and this is sure to be debated. But if history is any guide, not much is likely to change.

What do you think of how Gov. Chris Christie has divvied up the money this year, and what should happen going forward?

Let us know your opinion.

  • Enough about the urban districts, they’ve got their share. The suburban districts need it, too.

  • School districts should be happy with what they got. Yes, it’s not much more — about $30,000 on average — but New Jersey schools are among the best-financed in the country, and the best performing. We have a lot of other priorities that need to be addressed.

  • It’s a start, but there appears to be little rhyme or reason as to how the money has been divvied up. Newark got close to a third of the increase — more than $25 million. Other needy districts didn’t get anything close to that. Elizabeth and Plainfield, for instance, got $2.6 million each.

  • Kids in needy districts are more costly to educate, and funding must reflect that fact. They’re dealing with a whole host of issues, and schools must offer intervention services if we expect them to succeed. Since these districts start with fewer resources, they need more of the state’s help.

  • It’s not about urban or suburban. This is another year that state failed to fully fund the school-funding formula — by more than $1 billion, leaving too many districts well below what is needed for a “thorough and efficient” education. Time for New Jersey to meet its obligations, no matter what it takes.

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