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Poll: What Will Chris Christie Do with Remainder of His Term in Trenton?

Work on building a legacy? Become a talking head on Fox News? What are the governor’s options?

Gov. Chris Christie came home from New Hampshire yesterday, after placing sixth in the GOP presidential primary, well behind winner Donald Trump and the other so-called establishment candidates, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio. Coupled with his poor performance in Iowa, Christie decided to suspend his campaign. He now returns to Trenton with nearly two full years left in his second and final term as governor, with a slate of issues waiting to be addressed.

How do you think Christie will respond?

  • After a few days licking his wounds, Christie is going to want to leave a great legacy as governor. Expect him to invest his incredible energy into solving some of the state’s most pressing issues -- pension reform, transportation funding, employee-healthcare reform, and high property taxes. It’ll be good to have him back.

  • Christie and the state will finally be free of his need to please more conservative national Republicans. He’ll be the moderate everyone has always suspected he really is. He’ll finally be able to negotiate with a clear conscience and do what’s best -- and acceptable -- to New Jerseyans.

  • Don’t expect much to change. Christie wants to keep options open for 2020, if nothing else. He always has his eyes on the prize. He’s probably going to start sucking up to Kasich and Trump, hoping for the vice president slot or a U.S. Attorney General appointment. He won’t do anything to endanger that, including moderating any of his positions. Who knows? He could even try to maneuver into Menendez’s seat, if it should open up. Well, good luck with that.

  • Christie is going to end up at Fox News, sooner or later. He’s the natural heir to Bill O’Reilly and a primetime show would give him just the platform and money he’d like for his enormous ego. I think he’s gong to opt for sooner, while his national profile is so high.

  • He has really poisoned the well for himself here in New Jersey. It may be a long shot to say he’d just resign to do anything else, but I just can’t see him gathering the energy to deal with state politics again. Remember, he thought he left that behind back when “he was governor of New Jersey.” The best thing he could do for his party would be to resign and let Kim Guadagno take over for a year or so before the next election.

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