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Chemo Files Episode 1: Weirdville

These are the elements that make up Weirdville. I promise you it’s not all sad or a gross out.

While we're on winter hiatus we'll be regularly posting episodes from this compelling podcast on breast cancer, as well as those from our October conference NJ Spotlight on Cities.

On August 4, I had surgery to remove my breasts -- and the cancer that was infesting them. Since then, people have been coming over, bearing meals and gifts. It’s been a lovely procession, and the moments when my husband tends to my surgical drains have made for a dear and special kind of intimacy.

But at night, when the unconscious is at work, my dreams are telling me a slightly different story.

For my first outing post-surgery, I chose to see the Pixar film “Inside Out.”

These are the elements that make up episode 1 of The Chemo Files: Weirdville. I promise you it’s not all sad or a gross out.

Debbie Galant is the publisher of Midcentury Modern Magazine, a magazine about age, identity, and generational politics that lives on She is also the co-producer (with her 23-year-old son Noah Levinson) of a podcast called The Chemo Files, about having breast cancer. By day, she explores the future of news as Associate Director of the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University. Galant is also a former New York Times columnist, the author of three novels, and the founder of Baristanet, one of the first hyperlocal news sites in the country.

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