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Poll: Is Christie on Comeback Trail In His Quest to Win the GOP Presidential Nomination?

‘Candidate Christie’ may take some getting used to, but is it even a possibility for NJ’s chief exec?

This week saw the fifth Republican debate for the GOP nomination for president, with our Gov. Chris Christie once again invited to the main stage and generally praised for his performance. He’s been surging in the polls in New Hampshire, with ratings of up to 9 percent, and even Iowa voters are giving him a second look.

Do you think this recent rise means he could be the next president of the United States?

  • Yes. Christie is justifiably riding high in the polls. He’s gotten support from the Washington Post and the endorsement of the most important newspaper for Republicans in New Hampshire. He’s clearly the class of the field.

  • Christie has a solid shot. His poll numbers are going in the right direction and some very smart people in the GOP are starting to take another look. His position as the adult in the room is a smart one. At this point, Christie has as good a shot as any of them.

  • Maybe. But only because this field of candidates is really pathetic. Christie seems to have finally found his footing with his message. In New Jersey, we know how far that ability can carry him. So we’ll see.

  • Unlikely. Christie has yet to be vetted by the national media -- or his opponents. He’s been able to run under the radar thus far. If he starts getting real traction, his opponents will shine a light on his shortcomings.

  • It’s not happening. No one is talking about his negatives now: the poor shape he’s left New Jersey in, his continuing Bridgegate problems, and his constant difficulty with telling the truth. If he’s still standing when the field narrows, he’s going to have to defend a barrage of negative press and ads. He’s never had to withstand a real challenge, and I’m sure the other Republicans, and certainly Hillary Clinton, have prepared themselves well.

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