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Poll: Should New Jersey Close Its Doors to Syrian Refugees-- or Welcome Them?

What do you make of Christie’s comment that even refugee orphans 5 years old should be kept out of U.S.?

Last Friday’s jihadist attacks in Paris have shocked the world and changed the conversation about the Middle East and the refugee crisis. Gov. Chris Christie has said he will do everything in his power to keep Syrian refugees -- even those younger than 5 years old -- from settling in New Jersey.

What do you think of this stance?

  • Christie is absolutely right. Our first and only commitment is to protect our citizens, and if there is even the smallest chance a jihadist can be resettled in New Jersey, we should block all Syrian refugees.

  • Christie seems to be playing to the GOP crowd a bit; certainly, there is no danger from small orphans. But we should take a pause, no matter how long, to review our vetting processes and make sure our borders are tight and secure.

  • This is just what the jihadists want -- an overreaction from the West. We have much more to fear from homegrown terrorists than we have from Syrian refugees who are fleeing ISIS (also known as ISIL and Daesh). Most, if not all, of the perpetrators of the Paris attacks were French. Let’s not keep repeating our mistakes.

  • We are the country of refuge. How can we close our borders to people who are desperately fleeing from our enemies? Obviously, we should review the vetting procedures -- which President Barack Obama says the federal government is doing -- but this country must act as the beacon of freedom we all believe it to be. We can’t let terrorists change our value system.

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