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Poll: Will the Democrats’ Assembly Gains Be Chris Christie’s Loss?

With voter turnout possibly at a historic low, can any conclusions be drawn from the Dems picking up four seats in the Assembly?

New Jersey voters gave the state’s Democrats a boost on Tuesday, gaining them four seats in the Assembly and strengthening their majority to its highest mark in more than three decades.

But given voter turnout may have been a record low, what does it really mean?

  • Christie’s toast. It was a clear rebuke of the governor and its hard to see how he will create a legacy in the last two years of his term. But then again, he doesn’t plan to be here.

  • Turnout was pretty light, but it certainly bodes well for the Democrats, given our heavily gerrymandered districts. It sets the stage for the 2017 gubernatorial election.

  • It’s a point for the Democrats, but the position of governor in New Jersey is very powerful. Christie still holds the upper hand.

  • It’s hard to put this at the feet of Christie. He wasn’t on the ballot and many of the people that voted were there for county and local races. But it is going to make it harder for him to have major policy initiatives if his presidential bid fails. He’ll have to learn how to count.

  • Read nothing into it: Nobody voted. The map has always favored the Democrats, and when you take a step back, not much has changed. Past veto overrides weren’t even close. Christie will prove as strong as ever.

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