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September 18, 2015

Parents of teenagers worry all the time, and one of the things they worry about most is whether their kids are having unprotected sex -- a serious concern in a world where sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can last a lifetime and unwanted pregnancies can be devastating.

New Jersey parents have some reason to be concerned: A newly released report from indicates that the state ranks 15th according to the number of high-school students having unprotected sex. That translates into 29.1 percent of students who were “currently sexually active” while 13.8 percent were not using any form of birth control.

The report is based on the CDC’s Youth Behavior Risk Survey for 2013 (the last year that data is available).

Texas had the highest rate of unprotected sex among high-school students; Montana is the lowest at 34th. Not all states were ranked because of incomplete CDC data.

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