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September 11, 2015

According to New Jersey police reports, in 2013 there were 426 incidents investigated as bias crimes -- a 17 percent decrease from 2012 -- which resulted in 459 “target-type” offenses. (The most recent year that statewide statistics reporting is available is 2013.)

The most frequent type of offense was racial (164); the largest group victimized by these bias crimes was African Americans (39 percent). Sexual bias was the next most frequent, with 59 homosexual bias incidents out of a total of 63.

There were 43 religious bias incidents, the most frequent against Jews (36).

The most common place of occurrence was a residence (24 percent,) followed by highways and schools. Only 22 percent of these incidents were cleared by arrest, although statistics show that 49 percent were cleared -- how is undetermined. Arrests were down 11 percent, to a total of 101 (72 adults and 29 juveniles).

Harassment was the most frequent type of offence, totaling 218 incidents, followed by 143 criminal mischief offenses.

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