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Poll: Should Candidate Christie Step Down as NJ Governor ?

Can he still serve the Garden State while conducting national campaign for GOP presidential nod?

After much speculation and anticipation during the past two years, Gov. Chris Christie formally became a candidate for the GOP presidential nomination on Tuesday. Even before the announcement, Christie has been out-of-state frequently, preparing for this announcement and serving as chairman of the national Republican Governors Association. Now, with the state budget behind him, many expect him to spend the majority of his time on the campaign trail.

With New Jersey continuing to face economic problems, do you think he should resign as governor?

  • No. As Christie has frequently pointed out, travelling out of state does not mean he is out of touch. In this day and age, he still has the ability to run the state remotely and he should do so.

  • No. I don’t think he’s going to last in the race all that long. We’ve had a part-time governor for the past year or so, and we can hobble along like this for another six months until the primaries begin. Besides, Kim Guadagno would take his place, and I don’t see that as an improvement.

  • Not now. But he really should give serious consideration to resigning if he should get the nomination. He’d have to resign if he won the presidency in any case, so I think the right time to step down would be if he won the nomination and needed to do a full-time final push.

  • Yes, New Jersey has real problems that need the full-time attention of the governor. The governor is very powerful in this state and nothing gets done without his initiative. We shouldn’t have to wait two more years to start dealing with our problems.

  • Yes, please. Anything to get rid of him. He’s made it clear that he has more important things on his mind than his New Jersey constituents. He only cares about what Republican primary voters think of him nationally. It’s not “Telling it Like it Is” it’s “Telling Them What They Want to Hear That I Can Get Away With.”

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