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Poll: Is It Time for New Jersey to Ease and Expand Voting Opportunities?

With voter turnout bottoming out in the most recent election, should we make it easier to vote?

The state Democratic legislative leadership is talking about overhauling voting regulations, making it easier to register and cast ballots by mail and expanding early voting.

Last year’s November election had the lowest turnout in almost 100 years and the Democrats believe something should be done to make it easier to vote.

Would you support their proposal?

  • Yes. But it doesn’t go far enough. Why can’t we vote from our homes? We purchase things all the time over the Internet. It’s time we were allowed to vote that way.

  • Yes. Other states allow for early voting and mail voting. There's no reason why we shouldn't adopt those reasonable privileges. We do need to improve turnout.

  • Yes. One of the suggestions is to change the way we fill U.S. Senate vacancies. The political party that won the seat should keep it until the next election. There is no need to have a special election to suit the political needs of the governor.

  • No. We already have mail-in ballots to allow people to vote in advance of the election. Some of the other proposals are an invitation to abuse.

  • No. This is little more than a political stunt designed to make Christie look bad.

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