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Poll: Are the Odds in Favor of Gambling Coming to North Jersey?

Some casino-backers argue that gambling could be the solution to many of hard-pressed NJ’s financial problems

Despite -- or maybe because of -- the collapse of Atlantic City casino revenues, state officials are planning to expand gambling to other parts of the state, particularly the north. Plans are still in the early stage, but advocates say the state’s cut of the revenues will be much bigger than it is in Atlantic City. They also indicate that some of the money will be distributed to Atlantic City itself, as well as used to help bail out the horse-racing industry.

What do you think?

Should we be expanding gambling to other parts of the state?

  • Why not? Pennsylvania seems to be raking it in with its racinos, and New York will soon be building casinos right over the border and possibly in parts of the city. We need to move fast before the market gets saturated and get a casino in north Jersey. And we should build as many as the traffic will bear.

  • Yes. As long as we plan it carefully, we should build a small number of casinos in the north, where the population is highest and it’s easy to get to from other states. We need all the tax dollars we can get, but the key here is to keep it reasonable. Casino revenues are not the be-all and end-all solution to our problems.

  • We should limit the casinos to the Meadowlands. There already is a racetrack there, and it can help make a success of the mega-American Dreams complex. There are plenty of roads and parking, and it’s no more than 15 minutes from midtown Manhattan. Building casinos anywhere else is looking for trouble.

  • Not so fast. Have we done any real planning studies on the issue? What kind of infrastructure would be needed.? Once again, it seems to me that state pols see dollar signs and are rushing forward without seriously considering what we could be getting into. One thing we do know, there will be plenty of hands in this cookie jar -- and no children or widows fund will be propped up with the proceeds. Let’s look at the issue closely; there is no need to rush ahead.

  • Why on earth do people think that encouraging a serious vice like gambling can solve the problems of this state. It’s bad policy, period. I don’t care what other states are doing. I’m against gambling, and I don’t think the state should encourage it in any way.

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