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Poll: The Natural-Gas Pipeline Question -- Yes, No, or Maybe?

Are more pipelines a good deal or a bad move in a state as overbuilt and as environmentally fragile as NJ?

Mentioning natural-gas pipelines is a good way to start an argument these days, and NJ Spotlight -- along with content partner WHYY public radio -- has put together a multipart series looking at this hot topic from every angle.

And there are lots of angles -- since opinions on whether New Jersey should allow gas companies to build new pipelines here can vary wildly.

For those who are already familiar with this issue, what do you think?

  • Yes. Of course we need new pipelines. The Marcellus Shale has given us a great opportunity to improve our economy and to provide good jobs. The people who oppose these pipelines are just NIMBY whiners.

  • Yes. Natural gas is clearly a better, cleaner alternative than other fossil fuels. But we need to carefully consider the route of each pipeline and not just build where it’s most convenient for the gas companies. Where is the state leadership on this?

  • Maybe. I understand the need for pipelines and I’m definitely paying less to heat my house, but I am concerned about using land that has been set aside as open space. I also don’t like the idea of construction in ecologically sensitive areas or any place that can damage our watershed.

  • No. I think these pipelines aren’t really necessary. Our prices have already dropped without them, and I think the gas companies simply want to export this fuel. That won’t help New Jersey. In fact, it will just be one more encroachment on an already environmentally damaged state.

  • No. Fracking is a big problem and make no mistake, it will adversely affect the Delaware watershed and our drinking water. We’ve got to start putting the needs of our fragile environment over that of simple greed. We should do anything we have to do to put a stop to despoiling our country and endangering the environment that our children will inherit.

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