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Poll: What Would It Take to Put New Jersey’s Economy on the Right Track?

Turnaround or sadly too late, what does the Garden State need to thrive rather than just survive?

New Jersey’s economy seems to be on a slight upswing. Tax revenues are expected to be $200 million above what was originally projected. And unemployment, although still higher than neighboring states, is 6.5 percent.

What do you think of New Jersey’s economy and the state’s future?

  • Given our high taxes, the economy is as good as can be expected. What we need, as Gov. Chris Christie has been saying, is solid across-the-board income and business tax cuts that will drive the economy into high gear. More tax cuts will attract business to this state.

  • The economy has stabilized and it seems that these targeted tax breaks are beginning to turn things around. We need to continue to hold the line on taxes, regardless of the political consequences, so the economy has room to breathe and grow.

  • The economy doesn’t seem to be very good but I’m not convinced that any governor or any administration can fix this. The problems of New Jersey are endemic -- flight from the suburbs, a major change in the telecommunications and pharmaceutical industries, and an aging population. We have some really tough problems to face and I just hope the next governor has some fresh ideas.

  • The economy seems to be a bit better, but it still has some serious problems. Housing prices are still stagnant. We still have an unemployment rate higher than our neighbors. We need to really work at improving our economy by investing in infrastructure, solving the foreclosure crisis, and investing in education. If we do those things, our problems might be a lot lighter.

  • I don’t buy that this isn’t a leadership problem. The next governor’s administration needs to focus on what makes New Jersey great and build from there: Its fortunate geographic position demands a top-notch transportation infrastructure for both commuting and distribution; its pharmaceutical industry is going through a major change from chemical manufacturing to bio-medical; its educated workforce makes it an ideal place for startup businesses as long as the tax situation is welcoming; its seashore is not just a tourist attraction but could be perfect for a new wind industry, one that puts money into education and other life-enhancing investments.

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