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Poll: How Long Can Chris Christie Steer Clear of Bridgegate?

Given the indictments, do you think it’s only a matter of time before the governor is tainted by the scandal?

Late last week, three of Gov. Chris Christie’s appointees were indicted in what’s become known as the “Bridgegate” scandal -- the closure of two of three lanes leading from local streets in Fort Lee to the on-ramp of the George Washington Bridge. The sudden lane closures caused a nightmare traffic jam in 2013, and the Christie aides are being accused of creating the problem in a political-retribution scheme.

Christie, who by all accounts is positioning himself as a 2016 GOP presidential contender, has noted that he has yet to be tied to the scandal by his own internal investigations and by the U.S. Attorney General who brought the indictments.

What do you think?

Has Christie been exonerated?

  • It’s been a year and a half and no one has tied Christie directly to the lane closures. The only person even claiming he knew of the events is David Wildstein, who is being called a liar by everyone involved, including his fellow indictees. If there were evidence of his involvement, someone would have come forward by now. It’s time for the press and politicians to move on to more important matters.

  • I believe Bridget Kelly when she says she wasn’t the only person in the governor’s office who was aware of the closures. But that doesn’t mean that Christie himself is implicated, and I certainly don’t think anyone will prove that in court.

  • What does it matter whether Christie knew or not? He hired these people and he created a culture in which political payback was a good enough reason to use public infrastructure to severely inconvenience and even risk the safety of New Jerseyans. He should have to answer for that.

  • The idea that Christie did not know about these lane closures as they were happening is, in the words of Bridget Kelly, “ludicrous.” Christie delegates decisions to only a handful of people -- anyone who has dealings with his administration knows that. This trial could prove very interesting.

  • This is just the first act in a three-act play. Bridget Kelly basically said Christie knew -- Christie didn’t endear himself to her by calling her names and immediately throwing her under the bus. Even the prosecutor says there are unindicted coconspirators, who will likely be named at trial. And there are other ongoing investigations into related issues, such as the behavior of Christie’s friend David Samson, who was chairman of the Port Authority during all this. Samson had to resign from his law firm, and they quickly changed the name -- that’s pretty harsh. They must know something’s going to come out. I predict there is a lot more to come to this story. I just hope the U.S Attorney is willing to pursue it.

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