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Poll: Moving Forward with Charter Schools, Should We Go Ahead or Go Slow?

Charter schools are here to stay, but should they be allowed to flourish or kept on the proverbial short leash?

It’s been a busy few weeks for charter schools in New Jersey.

Last week, the Christie administration announced that it would approve just one new charter school in the latest round of applications, while placing seven existing ones on probation and closing two others.

Then came word that the state approved four more charter schools to expand, while a hybrid model of charters known as a “renaissance school” in the state-run Camden district was taking the fast track to expansion there as well.

With all of this activity, and the debate over the value of these schools hardly waning...

What do you think the state should do about charters moving forward?

  • Open the gates wider. Charters are clearly a better model than district schools and should be allowed to thrive.

  • Stay the course, allowing the schools to expand and grow at a moderate pace, while maintaining tight accountability.

  • Put the focus on approving charters in districts that need the alternatives the most, and only approve those with proven track records.

  • Pass and sign legislation that expands the authorizing authority for new and existing schools and give local voters full say on whether new charters are approved within their community.

  • Put a moratorium in place on new schools or seats until tighter controls can be put in place.

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