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Poll: How Would You Rate Christie’s Annual State of the State Address?

The governor had plenty to say, but was he on-target or off-base?

Gov. Chris Christie gave his fifth State of the State earlier this week, and he usually takes this opportunity to lay out new initiatives and recount his successes.

What did you think of the speech and how do you think he did?

  • I thought he did a good job. He was right to remind everyone of all his accomplishments and that he is holding down costs. Any new initiative deserves its own focus, and I expect we’ll be hearing about some soon.

  • I was disappointed because this governor once had some big ideas and used his position to push them through. So I wish he would spend more time on helping us fix New Jersey. If he did that, he’d be a hero and he’d have an easier road to the White House.

  • Once again, Chris Christie tried to spin his message with half-truths, misinformation, and the power of his personality. It’s getting harder for him to do it, though, given all of New Jersey’s looming crises. He should have used the opportunity to change the conversation by proposing something new, because he will have to face the music at some point. You can only kick the can down the road for so long. And now he’s taking center stage.

  • Given his priorities, the speech made sense. He no longer cares about New Jersey. This speech was aimed completely at a national audience. So Christie spent most of his time talking about what he perceives to be his successes and tiptoeing around the minefield of problems we face in New Jersey, including a poor economy, pension crisis, high taxes and, lack of transportation funding. What’s he going to do? Remind people of all our credit downgrades?

  • I could not care less. All of these speeches -- whether by Democrats or Republicans -- are self-congratulatory wastes of time. Could anyone be surprised that Chris Christie, with his ego, gave himself some pats on the back -- deserved or not. Next year, do what I do: ignore it.

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