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Poll: Should Chris Christie Worry That Jeb Bush is Weighing Presidential Bid?

How will NJ governor’s tough-talking Jersey persona play against Bush’s dynastic demeanor?

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, son and brother to former presidents, announced this week that he will “actively explore” the possibility of running for the Republican nomination for president.

What do you think the impact will be on Gov. Chris Christie’s chances for the Republican nomination for 2016?

  • None. While both Bush and Christie have some appeal to the moderate wing of the GOP and to Wall Street money, they are very different men with different agendas and different strengths. Christie’s common touch is one of his real advantages, and that will be even more apparent standing next to a member of the Bush dynasty.

  • Very little. In the short term, it is likely to freeze some endorsements and money, but as the campaign really starts things will shake out and be where they should be. Christie’s spent the better part of a year building buzz and support, and I think a lot of average Republicans are tired of the Bushes.

  • Hard to say. This will split the big money into two camps and give the right wing more than one target to beat up. Christie is going to run as a solidly conservative candidate who can still get along with Democrats. That appeals to Wall Street but whether it appeals to the Republican primary voter is a different story. In the end, the most traditional Republican usually gets picked as the nominee. Will that be Jeb or Christie? It will be interesting to see.

  • Christie’s toast. The money is going to flow to the known quantity, which is the Bush dynasty, and Jeb Bush has a lot going for him. He’s more articulate than his brother, has a Latino wife and children, and will likely get needed support in both Florida and Texas. That’s a big problem for Christie who is still fighting scandals at home, has a poor economic record in office, and won’t find support in the general election in his home state.

  • None. Regardless of who runs for the nomination, I just don’t see Christie holding his temper, watching what he says, and standing up to the national media’s 24/7 scrutiny. He’s made a lot of blunders, many of which are on tape, and has a terrible record as governor. The Sandy glow has long faded. I have trouble believing people across the country will see him as presidential material.

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