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Poll: Is It Time for Gov. Christie to Resign and Run?

Can the governor run the state while he’s on the campaign trail, can he fill his campaign coffers while he’s here?

Reports this week indicate that Gov. Chris Christie has said he would not resign the governorship if -- most people would say “when” -- he runs for president. If that’s the case, the questions become whether he can run New Jersey while he’s out of the state on the campaign trail and whether he can raise enough money to mount a serious campaign. The state constitution prohibits him from governing while out of the state and federal pay-to-play rules prevent him from taking contributions from Wall Street firms if they conduct business with the state.

What do you think? If Christie runs for president, should he resign?

  • No. This is what we have a lieutenant governor for. Kim Guadagno is a loyal second in command who can run the state in his absence. She proved it this past campaign season, when he was absent for a third of the year and New Jersey is no worse for wear.

  • No. This is silly. Christie can raise plenty of money and not run afoul of the law. Plus, many sitting governors have run for office without resigning. Why is Christie any different?

  • I’m torn. Christie needs to take his best shot and that would mean freeing him from his responsibilities to the state and raising as much money as possible. But we do need a leader here in New Jersey, and I don’t think he can juggle both to our benefit.

  • Yes. New Jersey is facing crises on a number of fronts -- the economy, pensions, taxes, transportation. We need a fulltime governor addressing these problems head-on, not running around the country looking for a new job.

  • Yes, please. That would mean we could get rid of him that much more quickly. Almost anyone would be better than he is.

  • Christie shouldn’t run for president.

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