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Poll: Did You Make Your Voice Heard on Election Day?

Only about a third of registered voters turned out, were you among them?

On Election Day this past Tuesday, only about 35 percent of registered voters cast a ballot -- the lowest on record for a federal election ...

Did you vote? Why or why not?

  • Yes, I voted. I was pretty much happy with the outcome here in New Jersey, regardless of what happened in the rest of the country.

  • Yes, I voted. But I wasn’t happy with some of the results here in the state. I think we’ve got to create more competitive races. There are a lot of reasons turnout is low -- gerrymandering, inconvenience, money in politics, and uninspiring choices. But you’ve got to make your voice heard.

  • Yes, I always try to vote. To a certain extent, we knew what the results would be due to the candidates who were running and the makeup of the state. But there are always issues that aren’t pre-ordained, such as local elections and ballot questions. What’s more, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain afterward.

  • No, I didn’t vote this year. It’s really inconvenient, and when you consider the advantages of incumbency and the lack of competition due to gerrymandering, why should I go out of my way?

  • No, the candidates were pretty uninspiring, weren’t they? Why bother?

  • No, but I’m sorry I didn’t. I’m ashamed that our system has become so broken. We need a big overhaul in the voting system, making it more convenient and more competitive by outlawing gerrymandering. If someone ran on that platform, I might vote for them regardless of party.

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