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October 22, 2014

Governor Chris Christie and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno released their 2013 tax returns on Tuesday, with Christie reporting an income of $698,838 and the Guadagno family reporting $440,897.

Currently, the big breadwinner in Christie’s household is his wife Mary Pat, who earned $475,854 from her job as an investment banker at Angelo, Gordon & Co, and $34,698 from a previous post at Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald. Christie earns $160,054 as governor and the two also had almost $40,000 in investment income.

The Christies paid a total of $193,510 in taxes and donated $29,260 to charity.

The Guadagno’s income was a bit more modest, with a total of $440,897. Guadagno earns $128,454 as Lt. Governor and her husband Michael, an attorney, earned $161,991. However, Michael Guadagno also earned $130,000 in executor fees.

The Guagagnos paid $113,555 in taxes and donated $3,285 to charity.

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