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Poll: What’s Christie’s Job-Performance Rating for Hurricane Sandy Recovery?

The governor could do no wrong in the aftermath of the superstorm, but has his recovery reputation been tarnished?

Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey hard two years ago, and it seemed to change the political fortunes of Gov. Chris Christie, who was given high marks in the immediate aftermath. Now, it seems, many victims of Sandy are not as enamored of the government’s performance and are willing to blame the Christie administration for a haphazard and delayed response to their plight. What do you think?

Did the Christie administration fumble the ball or are mishaps to be expected when a disaster hits?

  • Christie’s handling of the Sandy disaster has been laudable. He was a strong leader during and in the immediate aftermath of the storm and now two years later, things seem pretty much back to normal. He should be congratulated.

  • Christie did a good job making sure businesses were taken care of after the storm but maybe not so much when it came to individuals. But then again, there may be plenty of blame to go around -- delays from feds, bureaucratic red tape, and hapless contractors. I don’t think you can blame Christie for all the problems.

  • I would be a lot more willing to cut Christie a break and not blame him for the slow recovery if he wasn’t always telling us what a great job he is doing without the evidence. There’s been little transparency. He wouldn’t let the Sandy czar speak in public -- even to state legislators. And he vetoed the Sandy Bill of Rights, which would have forced the government to give victims a lot more timely information. What’s he hiding? One has to assume it’s worse than we know.

  • Christie’s performance since the storm is just that -- a performance. He seems to think that if he says things are going great enough times, we’ll believe it. And he’s even used Sandy recovery money to reinforce his message. Sadly, it works. A lot of people should be thanked for whatever recovery has occurred -- but not necessarily Christie.

  • Christie’s been pretty much a disaster when it comes to the Sandy recovery. His administration is being accused of using recovery money to punish enemies and reward friends; contractors are fired after racking up millions in receipts; advocacy groups have to sue to prove discrimination; every report on the recovery finds some fault with the administration’s handling of it; and thousands are still without help. No wonder the victims are starting to put the blame on him. He needs to stop insulting us by taking bows.

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