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Poll: Should the State Dig Deep to Help Pay for New Hudson River Rail Tunnels?

Will the new tunnels to Midtown Manhattan be good for New Jersey or just a reason to raise gas taxes?

New Jersey’s share of the construction costs of the new rail tunnels that would run under the Hudson River to New York’s Penn Station is likely to be $4 billion or more.

Should we partner with Amtrak to get the project done?

  • Yes. If the two existing rail tunnels into New York have to be shut down for a year each to repair Sandy flood damage before the new tunnels are built, New Jersey’s economy will go into the tank, and housing prices will plummet.

  • Yes. The Gateway tunnel will create construction jobs, draw wealthy taxpayers to live in New Jersey suburbs, and boost housing prices anywhere near a direct train route to New York. We’re all going to benefit -- and we would already be better off if Gov. Chris Christie didn’t cancel the ARC Tunnel four years ago.

  • Maybe. But we should do everything we can to get federal and Port Authority funds to help us out. Young people want to use mass transit, not cars. This is the way of the future, and having a first-rate mass-transit system will give New Jersey a competitive edge.

  • No. Not unless New York pays half the money for the tunnel. Christie was right. Why should we pay to transport New Jerseyans to jobs in Manhattan so they can pay New York City and state income taxes instead of helping New Jersey.

  • No. New Jerseyans are already overtaxed, and I don’t want to pay higher gas taxes for a rail tunnel I’m not going to use.

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