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Poll: Do You Think the State is Doing Enough to Protect Us From Viruses?

Ebola and enterovirus 68 can be frightening to contemplate. How safe do you feel?

Two potentially deadly viruses, Ebola and the enterovirus 68, have been in the news quite a lot lately. What is your view of the situation? Are you worried about the impact on your family?

Do you think the state government is doing what it can to manage the threat?

  • I’m terrified, particularly because both viruses are hard to detect and have no cure. I know the government doesn’t want a panic but I’m not at all confident that the government is giving us all the information it has and is doing all it can. So I’ll keep my children home to if I think something is going around in school.

  • I am very worried about my family. I’m particularly worried about enterovirus 68 because it seems to be spreading. My family is taking every precaution and we are washing hands continuously. But that advice seems somewhat lame -- the little boy who died here in New Jersey did so without warning. I wish were getting regular bulletins from the schools and health department.

  • Ebola sounds like one scary disease. It’s only now that we’re checking people coming through Newark airport. I think we really need to ramp up our efforts here but it could be too late.

  • It all seems a bit overblown to me, particularly when it comes to the threat to New Jersey. Enterovirus 68 seems like it might be like a lot of viruses -- potentially deadly to those who are particularly vulnerable. In this case, however, it isn’t the elderly, it’s children with respiratory problems. And when it comes to Ebola, now we’re quarantining people at Newark airport and checking for fever. That doesn’t sound like it will do much since it takes almost a month for symptoms to appear. We should focus on helping West Africa so it can be stamped out there.

  • I don’t know enough about it but it does sound worrisome. I think the government is doing all it can, though.

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