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Poll: What Do You Make of Christie’s Trip South of the Border?

Is the governor’s trade mission just what he says it is, or does he have another agenda?

Yesterday, Gov. Chris Christie led a delegation of New Jersey CEOs on a three-day trade mission to Mexico, where he will meet with various leaders, businesses, and the public.

What do you think of Christie’s trip?

  • It’s great. It makes Christie look good and it makes New Jersey look good. What could be wrong with that?

  • I think it’s a good thing -- and nothing new. Governors typically take trade trips to other countries to drum up new business by telling possible investors about the state’s advantages and tax benefits. Why shouldn’t Christie?

  • Christie is hoping to woo the Latino vote. We’ll see if that works. At least he’s visiting the state of Puebla Friday, which is home to 40 percent of New Jersey’s growing Mexican population. Let’s save the criticism for things that really matter.

  • It’s just another glorified campaign trip. I’m tired of Christie’s routine already. Even if we’re not paying for the actual trip, we do pay for his time. It seems as if he’s out of the state more than he’s in it lately -- what’s going to happen next year?

  • It gives Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno three more days practice at running things. But everyone knows nothing gets done at the statehouse without Christie’s approval, so these trips just slow any progress that could be made on the many real problems we face. But maybe that’s the idea?

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