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Poll: New Jersey's Beaches -- Still the Best, Second Place, or Third-Rate?

Does the Jersey Shore still live up to its reputation, or have overcrowding and overdevelopment taken their toll?

New Jersey’s weather this summer has been glorious, and it has encouraged tourists to return to what many residents think of as the state’s best feature -- the Jersey Shore. Others, however, would disagree with that assessment and say New Jersey is not addressing the needs of its residents or the tourism industry by allowing its beaches to deteriorate.

What do you think of the condition of New Jersey’s beaches this summer?

  • Jersey has the best beaches anywhere. They are wide, long, and most have lots of food and amusements. What more could you ask for?

  • The condition of the beaches is pretty good, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t stand some improvement. It’s certainly a lot better than it was 25 years ago when you could find medical waste and other detritus on the beach. I love the Shore, but we need to continue to be watchful about protecting our beaches.

  • I’m not a fan. The beaches are crowded and somewhat dirty. It’s noisy. Nearby bays are filled with boat traffic. To top it off, you have to pay to get on the beach. People love to talk about the Jersey Shore as a wonderful place for fun in the sun. But for my money, give me Cape Cod or the Hamptons.

  • New Jersey has a serious problem with overdevelopment, runoff, and pollution -- and it shows in our beaches. In most places, the sand is oily. And testing often turns up pollution. It may even be too late for some beaches and certainly some of the bays -- development has made it almost impossible to envision a natural, pristine environment. The state needs to get serious when it comes to beach protection, and we have to start planning on a regional basis. Otherwise, we’re going to lose this precious asset.

  • I never go to the Shore. I’m just not that interested in sand and water (and crowds). And if what I see on TV is anything like the reality, I’m not missing much.

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