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Poll: Was Christie Right to Ease Back on Testing and Teacher Evaluation?

How do you feel about the governor's compromise solution reducing the impact of national tests on teachers and students?

Gov. Chris Christie this week struck a deal with the Legislature’s Democratic leadership and the state’s largest teachers union to slow down the impact of the new Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests tied to the Common Core State Standards.

The agreement calls for lessening the weight that state test scores will have on certain teachers evaluations for two years, and also creates a task force to examine the implications of all state testing.

Was it the way to go?

  • Yes. It was a good compromise that retained the use of student performance as a measure of teachers, but gave the schools some time to adapt and prepare for it.

  • No. Delaying the test from having real impact on teacher evaluations will only delay real accountability for our teachers. We need to get started ASAP.

  • No. Our schools test too much already. Christie didn’t go far enough. He should have pulled back on the use of the new PARCC tests themselves. I don’t think testing students to judge teacher performance makes sense anyway.

  • Although I support testing as one tool to judge school and student performance, the whole notion of nationally devised tests and standards is a bad idea. New Jersey should devise its own standards for schools.

  • The decision will have little real impact on what happens in classrooms, since the changes only touch the edges of the real needs of public education.

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