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Poll: Time for Superintendent Salary Caps to Be Retired?

The state Senate and Assembly are weighing legislation that would end the Christie administration’s cap on school superintendent pay, which currently holds it at no more than $175,000, depending on enrollment.

What do think of the administration’s superintendent caps and what they have done for schools?

  • The caps should remain in place; they're a long-needed check on superintendent pay that had grown excessive, if not obscene.

  • The caps have been helpful in curbing pay, but it is now time to provide some flexibility that at least allows for cost-of-living increases.

  • The caps are a good idea, but the upper limit of $175,000 -- the governor’s own salary -- is totally arbitrary.

  • The caps have really hurt public schools, driving out experienced and valued educators.

  • The caps sidestep the real problem of administrative pay in the state; we have too many districts with too many chiefs.

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