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Poll: What Can New Jersey Do to Help Stave Off Climate Change?

Superstorm Sandy could be taken as a warning to the wise

This week, the federal government released a National Climate Assessment that explained how the country is already seeing the effects of climate change and highlighted its impact on the Northeast.

Seas have risen a foot since 1895 and the temperature has risen 2 degrees. If carbon emissions continue unabated, we could see temperatures rise as much as another 10 degrees by 2080, along with heavy rains and a sea-level rise of about two more feet. Coastal flooding will become a way of life, and storms such as Sandy will not only increase in number but also will see their effects amplified by higher sea levels.

So what should we do?

How can New Jersey do its best to stem climate change and try to protect our state?

  • Expand nuclear power -- the only way to produce electricity without a carbon footprint.

  • Do what we’ve been doing for the past few years: close down coal plants. That in itself will solve part of the problem.

  • Promote more renewable energies like solar and wind. Encourage cleaner cars. And develop more energy-efficiency projects.

  • All of the above -- cost shouldn’t be the consideration here. If we don’t make a sincere effort to do everything we can, we’re going to continue to suffer massive floods and storms, lose the Jersey shore, and forever change our agricultural industry.

  • Nuclear isn’t an option -- but our state government should make sure it encourages and invests in all other clean-energy sources.

  • All of these the current solutions cost too much. We have to be careful how we go about this because the state already is already paying too much for energy.

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